About BHBG

Business owner Jake Sutton led a discussion group of about 20 small business owners in Banker’s Hill at Sanfilippo’s Restaurant on Fifth Avenue, June 21. (Photograhpy by Dave Schwab)

© Dave Schwab

Each month, a growing group of small business owners that make up the Bankers Hill Business Group meet to discuss ways their newly formed Uptown Micro District can make Bankers Hill better for businesses, patrons, visitors, and residents. Through the use of monthly get-togethers, annual events, local outreach and media, we aim to bring together the various businesses that make up the tapestry of Bankers Hill to promote networking, foster new businesses, and attract new visitors to our district.

The city instituted the Micro District Program recognizing that all neighborhood business districts may not qualify to become a full fledged BID, so they subsequently developed “Micro Districts,” informal business groups typically with 100 to 250 members. Each year, the BID Council makes available small, one-year grants to assist Micro Districts. Through the use of this grant, we welcome all Banker’s Hill area business owners to join us in planning and promoting our Annual events and outreach initiatives. 1


“Businesses are growing in the neighborhood and are becoming much more vibrant, and it’s a great opportunity for business owners to get together and form an alliance,” said Nancy Moors operator of HillQuest, in an article about the BHBG for the Uptown News.


With an enlarging roster of small business owners, the group will vote annually on Officers to keep an eye on dates, amounts, contacts, etc. The team of volunteers leading the charge to form the official Non-Profit Micro District are:

  • Jake Sutton
  • Clyde Dugosh
  • Wendy Hileman


tasteThe Bankers Hill Business Group has organized itself out into a few groups in order to focus on the tasks that we handle throughout the year.

Neighborhood Resources


There are various resources available to get into and for use around Bankers Hill for visitors, businesses, and residents. Feel free to learn more about these resources at these partner sites: